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6 Journal Prompts To Help You Connect Deeply With What Truly Matters To You

Updated: Feb 7

We're so wrapped up in making it through each day that is easy to forget ourselves and what we really care about. In this blog post, I'd love to encourage you to take some time, have a seat, pause and reflect on these 6 journal prompts that will help you connect with what really matters to you.

6 Journal Prompts To Help You Connect Deeply With What Truly Matters To You

I'll be honest, I don't usually journal. This is an habit I've been trying to set up for years with little success. Nonetheless, I try to sit down and reflect on myself and my values at least once or twice a year. This is a chance for me to reconnect, come back home to myself and remember what truly matters to me.

Every time I do this, I feel lighter afterwards as I'm reminded of who I am, and what I wake up every day for. I find a new sense of purpose and renewed motivation to go after my goals.

So I wanted to share what I do to prompt this reflection, hoping that it can inspire you too if you've been feeling a little lost and looking for purpose.

These are 6 journal prompts to help you connect deeply with what truly matters to you:

#1 Write a letter of forgiveness to your past self.

This is probably the most powerful exercise of all and an incredible way to let go of all the things that no longer serve you.

You want to give yourself plenty of time for this one, making a point of being especially kind to yourself.

Think about your younger self and then write a letter forgiving yourself for all the things you feel like need to be forgiven - these can be big or small, profound or superficial, it's totally up to you.

This is a chance to be honest with yourself and finally release the shame and blame that's been hooding you back.

#2 Write up to 10 things that matter the most to you.

Now that you're feeling lighter after the previous exercise, think about the things that you value the most in life.

When I did this for myself, three things jumped immediately to mind - being of service, kindness and freedom.

I keep these values front of mind and try as much as possible to embody them in my life, using them as the pillars of my business and yoga classes.

What matters the most to you? List a maximum of 10 things.

#3 If you could be anything, what would you be? And what would you be doing?

It's time you let go of your limiting beliefs and dare to dream. Ask yourself, if you could be anything, who and what would you be?

As you put pen to paper, nothing is impossible or out of reach, so be free and write to your heart's desire.

#4 What's holding you back?

Once you have a clearer idea of what you want in life after reviewing what you wrote under the previous prompt, consider what is holding you back.

Is it fear you'll never make it? Is it because the current circumstances are not right?

What's stopping you from embodying who you want to be?

It may be hard but try to do so, but try to be as honest with yourself as possible.

#5 Now think as if you've already achieved

everything that you wanted to achieve. Describe how your day and life look like in the present tense.

Our throughs are incredibly powerful, so write about a day in your life as if you've already achieved everything you wanted to achieve.

Allow yourself to feel the sense of accomplishment rise within you.

#6 Review everything that you've written under these prompts. What are the common themes?

Now review everything you've written, can you spot any common themes?

You've wrote about your values, the way you want to live your life, and what's holding you back. This should give you a much clearer idea about what's important to you and what you consider to be your purpose.

And if your current life is completely far off than the one you wrote about, don't worry. Life is a journey anyway and there's no specific deadlines, so focus on the things you can manage and change right now, without thinking too much how you'll get there.

Take tiny, baby steps towards your goals, and work on yourself, and then one day, suddenly, you'll realise that your life is exactly as you imagined it to be.

About the author

Hi! I'm Cat, the founder of Yogaful Studio. My mission is to support you calm your busy mind and guide you towards your best, most authentic life - with less stress, more purpose, joy, and love. So if you have a demanding job and a hectic life running miles an hour, Yogaful Studio is the place for your to find rest, balance, and peace.

Learn more about how you can practice Yoga with me below.

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