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Sharing Circle

Or Satsanga

A monthly sharing circle to dive deeper into Yoga as a way of life and sacred philosophy to integrate body, mind, and soul.

On the 3rd Monday of every month

Going beyong the HOW to enquire the WHY


Online Sharing Circle

Yoga is not just the physical practice you do on a mat. The real Yoga happens off the mat, in your daily life, as you put into practice the tools you learned in class and embody the Yama and Niyama - the yogic ethical principles. 

As much as love teaching Yoga on the mat, I wanted to go beyond and share elements of this ancestral Wisdom that you may find difficult to access during a normal one hour yoga class. 

I'm passionate about philosophy, spirituality and diving deep into the powerful Knowledge of Yoga. I believe there's much to learn by reflecting, enquiring and sharing experiences. 


So this Sharing Circle is a safe space for sharing, as if we're gathering in circle online, discussing and looking beyond appearances to find Truth. 

We explore topics connected to Yoga Philosophy, spirituality, holistic health and healing, encouraging critical thinking and contemplation. 

Then, to cement what we've discussed and the insight we've gained, we finish the Sharing Circle with a guided Meditation.

This is only a short session, lasting between 30 to 45 minutes, so it won't take much of your time. Some days the Sharing Circle is more theoretical, other days more practical, but it's always a lovely way to unwind and do something we barely do nowadays - stop and think. 

Previous topics of conversation

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  • Satsanga | Sharing Circle
    Satsanga | Sharing Circle
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, 17 Jun
    Online via Google Meet
    17 Jun 2024, 21:00 – 21:30 BST
    Online via Google Meet
    Monthly Sharing Circle where we inquire, reflect on and integrate yoga teachings beyond the mat.

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