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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're thinking of starting your traditional yoga practice but you still have some unanswered questions, carry on reading. Here go the answers to the questions we're asked the most by our yoga students.

  • What do I need to bring with me for a yoga class?
    That's an easy one - yourself, comfortable clothing (whether you prefer 'baggy' or slim fit clothing, as long as it's comfortable and doesn't restrict your movement; we recommend sticking to light colours), a yoga mat and an open mind.
  • Can I eat/drink before/during my yoga class?
    ​You'll enjoy your class the most on an empty stomach. Therefore, we recommend you eat your last meal at least 2h before the class and refrain from drinking at least 1h before hand. This way, you'll feel light and free to make the most of each exercise, without feeling hungry or thirsty. You don't need to bring a bottle with you to the class - you're better off drinking afterwards.
  • When can I join a class?
    Our traditional yoga classes are open all-year round (they're not ran in 'courses'). This means you can join at any stage during the year, as long as there are open spaces in that class. But please get in touch with us in advance - we like to meet you beforehand and hopefully answer any questions you might have before you start.
  • Can I try just one class?
    ​You can, but we advise against this, as you might be missing out! You could easily fall in love with yoga in just one class, but some people could take a little longer to take it all in and to grasp all that goes on during a yoga class. We find that you're in a better position to judge the quality of a yoga practice after 4 continuous classes/1 month.
  • Do I need to be flexible/strong/fit/calm/ _______?
    By no means! Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of ability or previous experience. Every exercise in a Yoga Sámkhya class is given in different variants, that cater for different levels of experience and ability. You can reap the benefits of a complete Yoga practice whether you're a absolute beginner or a seasoned practitioner. The magnitude of those benefits is directly proportional to the effort you put into each class, day in, day out. The more you practice, the more you benefit.
  • Are classes suitable for beginners?
    YES! Every yoga class is a beginners yoga class, since each session is tailored to that particular group of students and all exercises in all classes are planned with at least 2 different variants - one for beginners and one for more advanced practitioners. If you have any particular requirement/limitation, let your instructor know and they will give you your own variant when appropriate.
  • Am I too old to start practising?
    Absolutely not! Yoga can benefit everyone at any age - from 1 to 100. So don't shy away from trying because of your age. However if you feel you might have some restrictions to your Yoga practice, get in touch with us and we can decide together if/which class would be more appropriate for you.
  • How regularly should I practice yoga?
    There's no set rule - some practice is better than none. However, to make the most of your yoga practice, we recommend you join at least one class a week.
  • What are your qualifications?
    Yoga Sámkhya instructors have undergone the most extensive yoga training in the World, for a minimum of 6 years ~6.500 hours, directly supervised by the International Yoga Grand Master H.H. Param Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája (the mind behind the International Day of Yoga, back in 2001).
  • Are all classes the same?
    Every class is different and freshly prepared for that particular group, with a particular goal in mind - meaning each class is unique and challenging in its own way. Most classes will follow a similar structure, but with a wealth of different exercises and variants available, no two classes are likely to be the same.
  • What style of Yoga is this?
    Yoga Sámkhya is the genuine, Traditional Yoga from India - a complete yoga practice based on the wisdom of the Indian Sámkhya philosophy. With its roots dating back more than 9,000 years, Traditional Yoga is considered both the most ancient and the most knowledgeable of yoga practices. This precedes the subdivisions of Yoga into different 'types'/'styles', as well as its successive losses of power brought by the contemporary “western” simplifications. The Yoga you practice with us is the same Yoga that the Indian sages have been practising at the Himalayan Mountains for thousands of years. It comprises 14 main technical disciplines (1. Dhyána/Samyama (Samádhi); 2. Pránáyáma; 3. Ásana; 4. Yoganidrá; 5. Kriyá; 6. Mantra; Kírtanam; 7. Jápa Tala; 8. Jápa Shesha; 9. Bandha; 10. Yantra; 11. Pújá; 12. Mudrá; 13. Nyása (Káma Mana / Vijñána – of the Source Hiranya Garbha); 14. Mánasika).
  • Is Yoga religious?
    Yoga is the deeply technical application of the Sámkhya philosophy. It is trans-religious in its nature. It is not only not linked to religion, it can be practised by members of all religions alike.
  • Do I need my doctor's consent to practice Yoga?
    Yoga can be as demanding a practice as you want it to be - you should adjust the intensity of your efforts to your individual skills and know your body's limits. Furthermore, our classes are aimed at healthy people and our instructors are not trained health care professionals. If you are absolutely healthy, the decision to consult with your GP prior to enrolling in a class is entirely yours, but we recommend you do it anyway. Your GP's aproval is needed if you're suffering from any illness/injury that could impact your practice, or that could worsen due to the practice of Yoga.
  • I loved the class so much I can't stop smiling. Is this normal?
    Yes, Yoga has been known to make people feel great and this can sometimes result in overt smiling and abundant happiness. Be aware that this might be highly contagious, so you might want to warn your friends - and maybe bring them along to your Yoga class for them to see it for themselves.
  • What is your background?
    I have a master's degree in Business Management and I am certified Yoga teacher. I studied Yoga with the Portuguese Yoga Confederation, a renowned classical Yoga school outside of India. I am currently certified as a Yoga instructor which required 6 years of training in total, including 2 years of theory, 2 years of practice and 2 years internship. I have undergone extensive training on the authentic, traditional Yoga from India, taught personally by the International Yoga Grand Master, H.H. Sat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája. ​ The Special Advanced Superior Training Course (SCAY) taught by the Portuguese Yoga Confederation is one of the most Complete and Extensive trainings in the World, having prepared hundreds of students to be ‘Experts in Human Beings’. The training consists of 6 years (6.500 hours of training) to graduate as Yoga Instructor – equivalent to a Graduation/Undergraduate Degree. Followed by 4 more years (a total of 10 years) to graduate as Professor of Yoga – equivalent to a Masters Degree. And finally, 4 more years (a total of 14 years) to graduate as Yoga Master Guru– equivalent to a PhD.
  • What is a Yoga Mentor?
    A Yoga Mentor is somebody with lived experience that translates the Yoga teachings and philosophy to the day-to-day, guiding the mentee in their yogic journey towards clear, peaceful mind and self-realisation. My objective as a Mentor is to provide you with the time and the safe space required for you to embark on a profound journey of self-growth.
  • How much time do I need to put into this program?
    The Enlight Mentoring Program has minimum time commitment of 6 months. This is the minimum time required for us to be able to get to know each other, implement a Yoga practice routine and evaluate progress. The program includes 1 x private 1-hour Yoga class to introduce you to classical Yoga, as well as 3 x 1-hour 121 mentoring sessions to discuss personal goals, review progress and define next steps. Additional individual sessions and classes are also available to purchase as an add-on, and as required.
  • How much does "Enlight" cost?
    The fees of the program will be covered during the discovery call. Different pricing plans are available.
  • How do I know if this program is right for me?
    This is a very good question, and the reason why I offer a free discovery call. This is so we can get to know each other first and understand if there is a fit between this program and your current objectives. "Enlight" is only available to 3 people at a time. This allows me to ensure that I give a truly personal experience to each of my mentees, supporting you closely and offering a hand when and as needed.
  • How do I know if I am ready to be mentored?
    If you've visited this page of your own initiative, I would say that you're at least halfway ready! These types of programs require a big investment of time, commitment, and an open heart, so that you're able to put in the work and see the desired changes. It's understandable that this idea scares you at first. What I can say from my side, is that I'll meet you right where you are and no experience is required. We'll go at your own pace and I'll be following your lead. If you're not quite sure this is the right time for you, I recommend you book my FREE discovery call so we can discuss and understand whether "Enlight" is the right program for you. No pressure at all :)
  • What is the difference between this mentorship program and your online classes?
    As part of this mentorship program you have access to all my live classes, as well as our on-demand library with additional content. The difference is that you'll have access to a much more personalised approach, even during the group classes, since I'll take the time to understand your current circumstances, define objectives and make personal recommendations. We'll establish an individual practice and routine that works for you during our private mentoring sessions and you'll also be invited for a 121 Yoga class, where you'll be introduced to classical Yoga at your pace. Additional individual classes and mentoring sessions are available to be purchased as an add-on.
  • What are the benefits of seeking a Yoga mentorship?
    Through a Yoga mentorship you'll be able to have a much more personal experience that will help you establish a solid Yoga practice that works for you. Yoga is an individual practice and one that is especially practiced off the mat. Hiring a mentor will also help you deepen your understanding of this ancient, transformational wisdom, since we'll be guiding you through the different exercises, teachings and philosophy with the help of our own lived experience as yogis and Yoga teachers. One crucial point to bear in mind is that a Yoga mentorship will not be miraculous. It requires work, openness to potential shifts in perspective and adoption of new habits, and a commitment you'll make to yourself to prioritise your self-growth.
  • What can I expect from you as a mentor?
    Above all, you can expect kindness, openness and a true passion for Yoga and the transformation it realises. I offer you a safe space, free of judgement for you to do the inner work, ask all the questions and evolve on your path to connect to your most authentic Self - happy, balanced and healthy. My purpose as a mentor is to light the light of Yoga in you. I will support you, make recommendations and guide you as you establish your own Yoga practice - one that is unique to you, that works for you and sets you on your own self-realisation journey.

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