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The secret to a calm mind and a peaceful life: stop resisting

Why letting go is the way, and practices to help you release and stay grounded


This month I had fully intended to write about how yoga improves your mental health - which, I'll still do on my Instagram so if you’re interested in this topic give me a follow there (sorry, shameless plug here) - but I’ve been on this path of releasing structure and allowing myself to do what speaks to me, as opposed to what I think “should be done”.

Inspired by the book that has been keeping me company

on my bedside table before I go to bed, and the source of profound reflection and solace, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, I wanted to write about resistance and how this is ultimately stopping you from the calm and peace you seek.

To resist is to fight against something we don’t want, or perceive as “being bad” or not good for us”. But as the word perceive implies, it’s only a matter of perspective. Is the “bad thing” really bad?

Or is it just different? Unknown? Uncertain?

And as you worry or resist a situation, how much of it can you actually control and change?

What if you embrace the situation as is and let go of judgment and expectations?

There will be peace.

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For clarity, I’m not pretending this is easy, but as this clicks in you, you’ll realise that at any given moment, you have a choice - to resist, or to let go embracing the present moment as is.

The more you chose presence over resistance, the more peace you’ll experience and the easier it will be for you to continue making the right choices over and over again.

So the secret to the calm and peace you seek is to stop resisting.


To help you on this journey of awareness there are a few practices you can add to your routine so the choice is more apparent in your daily life. They are:

#1 - Spend time alone

The first thing you need to do is to create space for yourself, meaning, time to be alone with yourself, to listen to and quieten your thoughts, and time to seek a deeper understanding of yourself.

You can do this by practising meditation or yoga, which I’ve been using for over 9 years as a source of support and personal growth.

Without my yoga practice and the time I take to meditate every day, it would be very difficult for me to have the clarity of mind to realise that I have two options every time (even if I often chose resistance and experience stress and anxiety…it’s all a work in progress. I'm only human after all, and when I take one step forward I tend to take two steps back, still, it gets easier).

So learn to sit comfortably in silence and appreciate the pleasure of your own company. You know a lot more than you think you do, and you’re a lot wiser than you think you are.

Create space so that understanding and knowledge can come forward.

#2 - Say thanks more often

Another thing you can integrate as part of your routine, is the practice of Gratitude.

Start your day by saying thank you and name three things you’re grateful for before going to bed.

The thing about gratitude is that you start to realise what really matters and you stop taking *everything* so seriously. Life starts to become humorous and beautiful, even as you’re just sitting on your desk looking out of the window - I mean, what is more “being present” than this?

#3 - Breathe

The breath also has a lot to teach you about resistance, presence and surrender.

When we focus our attention on our breath, we can't think of anything else. Have you noticed that?

The mind chatter ceases and for some brief seconds you experience inner peace and your in the Now.

So as you try to create more space and connect more with the present moment, use your breathe as means to do so, calming your mind and inviting more awareness.


I’m not sure if what I just brain-dumped will be helpful at all, but I hope it at least makes you stop and think…about resistance, about how you’ve been living your life and facing your challenges.

I hope it inspires you and reassures you that there is another way, and there is absolutely calm and peace on the other side.

And if you’d like to join me on the mat online and practice traditional yoga with me, check all the days you can do so here.

I’m also on Instagram if you’d like to get a little more personal and connect further x

About the author

Hi! I'm Cat, the founder of Yogaful Studio. My mission is to support you calm your busy mind and guide you towards your best, most authentic life - with less stress, more purpose, joy, and love. So if you have a demanding job and a hectic life running miles an hour, Yogaful Studio is the place for your to find rest, balance, and peace.

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