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Yoga for Beginners

12-week Yoga Course for Beginners

Yoga is for everybody and for every body. I created this course to show you that you don't need to be skinny, flexible or fit to embrace the transformational practice of traditional Yoga. 

So if you've been thinking about Yoga, but are concerned about you've been told and showed about the practice, I'm here to do some serious deconstructing and introduce you to Yoga in a supportive and holistic way. 

"It's been exactly what I needed to get into yoga, so well done for tailoring it so even someone like me can do it."


Joining a yoga class for the first time can be overwhelming. 

In April 2014 I tried yoga for the first time. I remember feeling self-conscious and inadequate practising yoga with people with years of experience.

So I can relate when you hold back and feel nervous about signing up for yoga classes online. 

I know how daunting and scary it is to step outside of our comfort zone. I've been there. 

I also know how Yoga is often perceived, as a fitness practice for fit women in tight leggings and fancy yoga studios. 

Which couldn't be further from the truth. 

Yoga is not workout or a fitness practice, it's actually a philosophy of life to help you ease suffering and transcend. 

Yoga as a practice is not just about the body, but also about the mind and the spirit. 

And it's this holistic approach to Yoga that makes this course different, because it's not just about the poses, but also about teaching you breathing exercises that will help you calm your busy mind, relaxation techniques that will finally allow you to rest, and meditation that will expand your consciousness and connect with your true self. 

So if you believe that Yoga can help you but haven't yet found a space where you feel safe, held and seen, I'd love to be the one introducing you to this sacred practice and guide you on your Yoga journey.

Keep on reading for all the information about the course ♡

yoga and meditation

Unlock a FREE 15-minute
Yoga Practice

Take a much deserved-break and relax with this Mini Yoga Practice. Ideal to do at the end of the day to relieve stress or early in the morning for a boost of energy. 

Introducing our 12-week yoga course for
complete beginners

If you've been holding back from starting yoga because the practice feels overwhelming, or you've been made to believe that your body type and lifestyle does not suit Yoga, then this course was made thinking of you. 

I know it takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone, so I wanted to make this as easier and as safe for you as possible, by creating a space that is exclusively dedicated to complete beginners.  

People that probably share the same concerns and have the same doubts as you when it comes to trying something new for the first time. 

I hope this is reassuring and provides a network of support, as you discover the ancient transformational practice that is traditional, authentic yoga. 

Yoga is as beautifully complex as human beings, so ​during 12 weeks together we'll start slowly, and gradually introduce you to the different yogic techniques, disciplines and principles.

There is no rush and absolutely no judgement. As a yoga teacher, I'll meet you exactly where you are and provide you with multiple variants of the exercises to make sure you feel safe and the pace of the lessons are appropriate. 

So if you've been considering starting the practice of yoga, your time is now.

"I started taking Catarina's online yoga classes, which are great for me to practice yoga from home. Cat's classes are well suited for beginners such as myself, the pace of the class is well balanced with breathing exercises and a multitude of techniques that help relax the mind and the body. Catarina is a great communicator and brings a calm reassuring energy to each class. She also provides alternative ways of doing each yoga pose to ensure her students are safe and to meet each of their levels of experience. I strongly recommend such a lovely and knowledgeable teacher!"

- Ines

A regular yoga practice transforms your life

Yoga for beginners

Everything you need to know about the course

You'll have access to 12 classes. Each session is structured to introduce you gradually to the 14 disciplines that make up a traditional yoga class, from yoga poses, to breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation, and more. 

Once you sign up, you'll be granted access to a program page where you'll find the 12 lessons. You're invited to go through the course in your own time and at your own pace.

The course is set up so you build on the practice step-by-step, improving confidence, mobility, flexibility and strength overtime.

Learn foundational yoga poses to support your body and mind

Learn basic calming breathing exercises to regulate your nervous system

Learn deep relaxation techniques to promote rest and natural sleep

Learn basic traditional Yogic Meditation to relieve stress, anxiety and fear

Learn foundational yogic concepts and philosophy that will expand your consciousness and elevate your understanding of life

Discover your body, get clear on your boundaries and reconnect with yourself

Establish a sustainable yoga routine that will help you relieve stress and support your wellbeing

Build confidence in your yoga practice, so you feel comfortable joining a class with more advanced practitioners

Even though the course is online, you'll have my support throughout and have direct access to me in case you have any questions or concerns

About me and
my approach to Yoga

Hi, I'm Cat

I'm a multi passionate entrepreneur, lightworker, and classical Yoga teacher.


I shine the brightest when I'm pursuing my many passions, initiating change and challenging the rules. ​


I'm a lifelong student of Yoga and passionate about alchemising the ancestral Wisdom of Yoga for deep rest, healing and transcendence. ​I help you overcome trauma and guide you back home to your Self through the practice of classical Yoga online.


​I believe in a World where Humans have evolved, broken free from conditioning, and live as the highest version of themselves, thriving thanks to the practice of authentic Yoga. This is what I'm here to achieve.​

My yoga classes are not what you find in mainstream gyms and yoga studios - they hit deeper. Infused with Philosophy, curiosity for Human Nature, and a profound connection to Source, I don't want to help you just relieve stress, I want to help you break free. 

This is what drives me as Yoga teacher and the values you will see reflected in my classes: 

I honour the roots of Yoga

My yoga classes are rooted in Yoga Philosophy and Sāmkhya Philosophy, two of the six Indian philosophic systems (Darshana). When I graduated from my Yoga Teacher Training, I made a vow to respect the Wisdom I gained access to and preserve the Knowledge that was passed down to me. I take this very seriously. 

I believe Yoga is not just a physical practice

My yoga classes don't include just Āsana (the Yoga poses). Imagine a house and the door to enter the house - the poses are the door but I want to show you the entire house. In my yoga classes we also cover calming breathing exercises, detoxing practices, relaxation techniques, mantra, meditation and many other elements of classical Yoga. 

My Yoga classes are centred around love, kindness, softness and respect

I don't enjoy Yoga bootcamps and I don't run one. My yoga classes are slow, gentle and soft. Yes, I will challenge you sometimes if I see you're ready (and willing!) to advance, but ultimately the practice is yours, so you'll be encouraged to take what resonates and leave everything else. 

I believe Yoga is for everybody and every body

The mainstream media has made us believe that only skinny, fit and flexible people are able to practice Yoga. I'm here to challenge that, and I'm committed to make sure that your yoga practice works for you. I meet you exactly where you are and offer a number of variants in class to suit different levels and anatomies. 

There's no right or wrong, just space to be and explore with no judgement or expectations

During yoga classes, I'm just holding old space and guide you towards your own inner Yoga Master. Nothing is prescriptive or mandatory. If in a particular session, all you want to do is lay down and breathe, your choices will always be celebrated and your boundaries honoured. 

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My Expertise

700HR+ Yoga Teacher Training 

8+ years in Business, International Development and Entrepreneurship

10+ years in the wellness and yoga space

MSc Degree in Business Management

90HR+ Yoga for Pregnancy Certification

90HR+ Yoga for Children Certification

"I did the beginners course with Cat, and as a beginner it was important for me to understand more the movements so she was very helpful with the instructions and support. I gradually progressed from easy to more complex positions which made me feel good and confident. Her energy is very peaceful and she is very good at listening, if you have any questions she is always open to help you."

- Julian

It's safe to practice Yoga
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