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Online yoga classes

The Yogaful Membership

Give yourself
to rest & relax

Join up to 2 live yoga classes online every week, and unlimited access to an on-demand library with additional content to support your well-being, an exclusive FB community of like-minded yogis, and a monthly sharing circle. 

Plus discounts for events, workshops, and retreats.

It's time to thrive, connect with the most authentic expression of yourself, relieve stress, and calm your busy mind.

Online yoga classes

There is lightness and peace on the other side of stress and anxiety.

You probably already know that yoga can be incredibly effective to relieve stress and anxiety. However, finding the time to practice can be tricky, as I'm sure you're juggling multiple plates at the same time.

You may also be hesitant to take up yet another activity that requires time and commitment. 

The Yogaful Membership was created so the practice of yoga is easy and accessible, and something you can do from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas. 

Yogaful Studio offers authentic, traditional yoga classes online. Rest, unwind and thrive in all areas of your life with 4 weekly live classes plus a library of pre-recorded practices to elevate and integrate body, mind, and soul.

Inside the Yogaful Membership

Live-streaming yoga classes

Live classes

As a member, you can join our 2 weekly yoga classes online:

Tuesdays 6.30 - 7.30 pm 

Fridays 8.30 - 9 am

live-streaming yoga classes
Online yoga classes

Be a part of a community of like-minded yogis

Join our exclusive Facebook Group, a safe space for you to ask questions related to your yoga journey, promote healthy discussions, encourage reflection, and connect you to a community of like-minded yogis.

Online Yoga Classes
On-demand library

On-demand library

Chose from 1-hour classes to replace Iive classes, gentle morning sessions to help you ease in to your day, guided relaxation sessions to unwind after a busy day and guided meditations to help you find stillness and cultivate inner peace. 

On demand yoga classes.jpg
Online Yoga Classes

Monthly sharing circle

Members get access to our monthly deep dive into yoga philosophy online. All of the topics we talk about are easy to understand, applicable in practice, and serve to help you elevate your body and mind. 

This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions, and share experiences and feedback.

Online Yoga Classes
Yoga and Meditation

Discounts for events workshops and yoga retreats

As a member, you enjoy 25% off all events hosted, including workshops and weekend retreats

Yoga and Meditation
yoga and meditation

Explore our FREE yoga
and meditation resources

Support and elevate your well-being with a Mini Yoga Practice, unwind with a Guided Relaxation Session, or learn to meditate with the help of our Meditation Guide

Inside The Library

New classes added every week

Chakra balancing yoga classes
guided relaxation
Online Yoga Classes
Yoga practice for body recovery
guided meditation

Go beyond the poses of mainstream yoga and experience profound healing and transformation.


Yoga Manifesto

At Yogaful Studio honouring the roots of yoga is vital, so we teach classical yoga. More specifically Yoga Sāmkhya, the combination of two of the six Indian philosophic systems (Darshana). 

We understand yoga as a way of life and a systemised approach to the ease of human suffering, rather than a workout. 

If you're just looking for a form of exercise that will strengthen your body, our classes probably won't be for you.


However, if you're looking for a spiritual practice that will integrate body, mind, energy and soul, and unleash your true potential as a human being, then Yogaful Studio was especially made for you. 

Our classes - live and on-demand - are composed of 14 yogic disciplines arranged in a way that leaves you feeling calm and like new (like you've just come out of a soothing and refreshing shower after a long day).

Every class includes: 

Breathing exercises, to relieve stress and anxiety

Yoga poses to stretch and move your body

Guided relaxation exercises to recharge your body, emotions and your mind

Meditation to find stillness and connect with your Self

The combination of all these techniques, exercises, and practices rooted in sacred knowledge are the reason why the changes you unlock in class last lifetimes and lead to profound healing experiences.


Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice 

Reduce Stress

Enchance concentration and lengthen attention span

Build body strength

Improve balance and flexibility

Prevent and relieve anxiety

Improve quality of sleep

Tackle chronic pain and arthritis

Improve quality of life

All of this is possible for less than £1 a day. Subscribe today

  • Yogaful Membership

    Every month
    Join all our live-streamed and on demand classes, no limits
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
    • 2 weekly live-streamed classes
    • Access to library of pre-recorded classes
    • Guided relaxations recordings
    • Guided Meditation recordings
    • Access to exclusive Facebook Group for community and support
    • Access to monthly Sharing Circle online


Student Wins

"Classes are fun and relaxing. The positions are explained clearly with variant levels of difficulty allowing you to adjust to your ability. After participating in classes for over 6 months, I feel my ability has grown and yet I am still able to push myself to improve further."

—  Laura 

Online Yoga Classes

Yogaful Membership 
is for you if...

You struggle with stress and anxiety and have experienced or were close to burnout in the past

You're overwhelmed and feel lost, so you're looking for a practice that helps you re-centre and focus

You know yoga could help but lack the time to join classes physically, so the convenience and flexibility of practicing yoga from home appeals to you 

You enjoy living a hectic life and thrive under pressure but are looking for a holistic practice that supports your wellbeing

You're looking for a practice that will not only help you strengthen your body but also calm your busy mind

The Yogaful Membership welcomes beginners and advanced yogis alike. All our classes (live or on-demand) include variations to suit all levels of experience.

White Plants

The Yogaful Membership includes

Unlimited access to all live classes. We host 2 classes a week in a variety of schedules to fit your hectic lifestyle

Unlimited access to on-demand library with multiple classes, practices, guided relaxations and guided meditation to support your wellbeing

New classes added to the on-demand library every week

Access to exclusive Facebook Group to ask questions, share experiences and connect with like-minded yogis

Access to a monthly sharing circle, exclusive to Yogaful Studio Members

Discounts on events, workshops and yoga retreats

Subscribe for fortnigthly tips to relieve stress

and calm your busy mind

Thank you for joining the family!

You have permission to rest and relax

Relieve stress, calm your busy mind and live your most vibrant authentic life.

Support your mental health and invest in your wellbeing today

Private Yoga Classes

Would you rather
work 1-to-1?

I offer private yoga classes too! Check my

Enlight Coaching Program for more information 

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