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Yogaful Studio is the home of Yoga Sámkhya in the UK, a holistic Yoga practice that goes beyond the physical poses to help you connect with your true self - aligned, healthy and peaceful.

Yoga Sámkhya is the authentic Yoga, putting in practice 14 Yogic disciplines to elevate the body and mind.

Each class includes a combination of breathing exercises, Mantra, guided relaxations, meditation techniques and more, to repair and recharge you physically, energetically and mentally. 


What our students have to say

Yoga pose Vkrshasana


I have been taking Catarina's yoga classes for nearly 4 years, in person and now online due to covid restrictions. I started as a beginner and have steadily become stronger and more flexible. Catarina always gives different options for varying levels of experience and difficulty, which makes her class accessible to beginners and challenging for experienced yogis (...) I leave each class feeling calm and energised.

Mudra, hand gesture


Cat is a wonderful yoga teacher, running classes that approach yoga in a holistic way, from complete breathing, through to asanas topped off with meditation. Cat's calm, friendly and comprehensive style of teaching is great for beginners and long time yogis alike. You'll leave her classes feeling stretched, re-energised and mindful. Thoroughly recommend!

Yoga pose, Janurasana trikona


I always look forward to my yoga classes. With a hectic life and busy job, they are a great way to help maintain my mental and physical wellbeing. João takes time to know each student individually and makes each class thorough and unique.

He has a real depth of knowledge and explains things in a fun and interesting way. It would be hard to find a better teacher!

Yoga pose backward bend

Inês L.

I started taking Catarina's online Yoga classes, which are great for me to practice yoga from home. Cat's classes are well suited for beginners such as myself, the pace of the class is well balanced with breathing exercises and a multitude of techniques that help relax the mind and the body. Catarina is a great communicator and brings a calm reassuring energy to each class. She also provides alternative ways of doing each yoga pose to ensure her students are safe and meet each of their  level of experience. I strongly recommend such a lovely and knowledgeable teacher!

Yoga pose, kakasana

Inês R.

Being a skeptic I always thought yoga classes were not for me. However, after just two classes I was able to feel the difference in my way of seeing the day to day challenges. Now I always look forward to my weekly yoga class as me-time, where I can forget about the outside world and focus on what is truly important: my well being and mental strength. As for João, you couldn’t ask for a better teacher, he is very caring with his students, happy with all levels of experience and always teaching us the theory behind each exercise.

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