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See how we can be of service and help you calm your busy mind, relax after a difficult day at work, and thrive.

Join my online yoga membership

Rest and relax after a difficult day at work. 

The Yogaful Membership is a monthly subscription of traditional yoga classes online. Through our multidisciplinary approach to yoga based on sacred Indian teachings, we integrate body, mind, energy, and soul to help you press pause, unwind and experience more peace.

The membership includes unlimited access to live classes, plus an on-demand library with additional content to support your well-being, a monthly sharing circle, an exclusive community of like-minded yogis, and discounts on workshops and events. 

monthly yoga subscription

Discover the Enlight Coaching Program

If you're looking for private yoga classes and a practice that meets you exactly where you are, Enlight was made for you. 

Enlight is a 6-month coaching program rooted in the ancient methodologies and teachings of traditional yoga and meditation. Through a mix of coaching calls and 1-to-1 yoga classes online we'll work together to set the foundations that will allow you to thrive in life without compromising your mental health.

When you join Enlight you also have access to our group classes online and on-demand library, so you can easily access support whenever and wherever you need. 

Coaching Program

New to yoga? Start your classical yoga practice with this 7-day Challenge

If you've always been itching to try yoga but don't know where to start...or if you've been wanting to deepen your practice and explore the mindful and spiritual side of yoga, you've come to the right place. 

This challenge is entirely online and self-paced. Over the course of seven days and seven lessons, we'll introduce you gradually to yoga and the 14 yogic disciplines we cover normally in class. 

Yoga challenge

Deepen your yoga practice. Be a part of one of our workshops, events or retreats.

We like to provide you with as many touchpoints as possible to connect in person and deepen your yoga practice. We host weekend yoga retreats in the UK and Europe, and organise several workshops with topics ranging from learning to meditate, balancing your Chakra, and learning to use your breath to find calm in the chaos. 

Yoga retreats
yoga and meditation

Explore our FREE yoga
and meditation resources

Support and elevate your well-being with a Mini Yoga Practice, unwind with a Guided Relaxation Session, or learn to meditate with the help of our Meditation Guide

Sign up for fortnightly tips to relieve stress and calm your busy mind.

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