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The ultimate 15-minute yoga class to practice every day

Get clear on why you should practice yoga daily, and scroll down for a simple but effective 15-min yoga class you can do every day to support your mental health and keep fit.

The benefits of a daily yoga practice

The benefits of practising yoga are plenty, but if you're looking for true transformation, then the importance of dedicating some time every day to this powerful practice cannot be underestimated.

Here's what you can expect if you practice yoga every day

Improved metabolism

This will support your digestive system for easier digestion and regular bowel movements. It will help your body burn calories appropriately and optimise the way food is used as energy.

Higher mobility and increased flexibility

Enhanced concentration

A calm and clearer mind

Feel more rested

All in all, the daily practice of yoga will boost your mood and energy, and help you feel a lot less stressed, giving you control over your mind and emotions for improved resilience when facing difficult situations and handling conflict in all areas of your life.

"So a 10-min session every day can be more beneficial than a weekly 90-min one, as long as you stick to a few essentials."

The yoga essentials you should include in your daily practice

The thought of having to wake up an hour early every day to do a full 1-hour yoga class on top of your already hectic morning routine is hardly attractive. And is probably putting you off from implementing a daily yoga routine.

But you're in the luck! Because yoga is not about how long the class is. Instead, it's about the consistency of your practice, day after day. So a 10-minute session every day can be more beneficial than a weekly 90-minute one, as long as you stick to a few essentials. They are:

  1. Prāṇāyāma (energetic conscious breathing exercises). Regardless of the time you have to practice, spend at least 1 or 2 minutes doing a calming breathing exercise. For example, inhaling counting to 5 and exhaling counting to 10.

  2. Āsana (yoga poses). Always stretch and exercise your body through a simple yoga posture sequence. This will help boost your metabolism in the morning and alleviate tension at the end of the day.

  3. Meditation. Finish your yoga practice with 5 minutes of traditional meditation. For instance, drawing your attention to your breath and focusing intently without interfering. (If you need a few techniques to get started download our meditation guide here).

Include these components in your daily practice and you can't go wrong. This blend of calming breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation will support your physical health, and also strengthen your mental and emotional well-being.

And now, without any further ado, we're sharing below a beginner-friendly 15-minute yoga class for you to put the essentials into practice.

The ultimate 15-minute practice you can do every day

Join me on the mat for this simple but effective 15-minute yoga session suitable for all levels. Practice early morning to ease into your day or in the evening to relax and unwind.


Discover authentic yoga and support your well-being holistically.

Classical yoga not only supports your body and helps you keep fit, but it also improves your mental and emotional health.

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