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Signs Of Anxiety I Didn't Recognise

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In this blog post I'm sharing some of my behaviours that I didn't realise were symptoms of anxiety, in can you've experienced them too.

Person relaxing on a yoga mat
Yoga helped me manage anxiety

Looking back at how I used to be before starting the practice of yoga, I can easily recognise that I was struggling with anxiety. However, at that time, I was so lost that I thought the symptoms I was experiencing were simply a part of my personality.

I had accepted anxiety as part of myself until yoga showed me what relaxing my body and my mind felt like.

Today, I'm a lot more self-aware and mindful of my state of mind, so when anxiety arises I can successfully manage it.

Self-awareness is crucial in the process of learning how to reduce stress and anxiety, so I wanted to share with you a few signs that I missed in case you experience them too.

Yes, it's anxiety.


Signs of anxiety I didn't recognise

#1 Rewatching films or tv series to self-soothe or feeling the need to see the ending before watching the content

Growing up, I used to do this a lot, rewatching my favourite films after school or going back to an old series when I had a difficult day work.

There is nothing wrong with doing this at all, but it could very well be a sign of anxiety connected to the fear of the unknown or the struggle to handle uncertainty - such as not knowing how the film will end, and thus feeling safer watching content you've watched before so you know what's going to happen.

#2 Feeling like you can't get out of bed in the morning and face the day

I used to think my low energy in the morning was just because I wasn't a "morning person", not because I was dreading the day ahead. At one point, my heart raced the moment my eyes opened and leaving the bed was physically difficult.

Have you experienced this too? This is also anxiety.

My body was immediately in survival mode as soon as I woke up, which made simple tasks in the morning like showering and dressing up draining and exhausting.

#3 Cancelling plans last minute (even though you were looking forward to them) because the thought of leaving the house is too overwhelming

I used to think that when I did this I was a bad friend. Now, I try to honour my boundaries and I'm more careful about the plans I make, so as not to overbook myself and end up with a social agenda that will end up overwhelming me.

Recognising this was also a symptom of anxiety was crucial for me to give myself permission to be honest with my true feelings and accept my triggers and limitations. Once I did, I felt empowered and took the steps necessary so I no longer need to cancel last minute. And if I do need to cancel last minute, I will honour my body and allow myself to rest without guilt or shame.


These are all things I thought were a part of me and that defined me, as opposed to signs or symptoms of my poor mental health.

By sharing them here I don't want to be negative, instead, I want to reassure you that the things you struggle with are not your identity.

When you recognise they are anxiety, you are empowered, because now it's no longer you but something you can deal with - through the practice of yoga online like me, or other forms of release or therapy.

And if you do want to give yoga a try, know that I see you and hold you.

As someone who still deals with anxiety today, I know how important it is to offer a safe space for rest and relaxation. This is what I hope to offer you through my yoga membership - 2 weekly classes to help you unwind, and come back home to yourself.

If you feel called, you can learn more about it below 💜

About the author

Hi! I'm Cat, the founder of Yogaful Studio. My mission is to support you calm your busy mind and guide you towards your best, most authentic life - with less stress, more purpose, joy, and love. So if you have a demanding job and a hectic life running miles an hour, Yogaful Studio is the place for your to find rest, balance, and peace.

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