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5 tips to support your emotional and mental health this festive season

It's the "happiest time of the year" for many but a source of stress and anxiety for others, so in this blog post I'm sharing a few tips to help you support your emotional and emotional health during the holidays.


As the year draws to an end, Christmas and the holiday season is approaching. It's a time of excitement and giddiness, but in the midts of all the celebrations, social gatherings and endless festive plans it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

I'm not sure if you're anything like me, but I often bite more than I can chew packing my festive calendar full to the brim. End result? I feel drained and like I could do with a long break by early January.

(Which is why *insert shameless plug here* I'm hosting a yoga retreat on the last weekend of January to give us all some time to rest and recuperate after the madness of Christmas and New Years. You can discover more about it here)

So to avoid depleting my energy completely and to ensure that I have enough mental space to enjoy the activities I do decide to do, I've been on a journey to look after myself better during the holidays.

Here are a few tips that have helped me bring some balance and mindfulness to my enjoyment of Christmas as well as supported me main better emotional and mental health:

Tip #1 Map out all the activities you have planned during the festive period and say no

By mapping out all the events and social gatherings you get a sense of the big picture and can then decide whether that amount of activity is feasible for you or not.

Also, more importantly, honour your boundaries and say no to things that are not feeling right or that you know will overwhelm you later. Saying no may be awkward and you may feel guilty about it, but remember that your mental health is your responsibility and you'll only be able to care for others if you first take care of yourself.

Tip #2 Keep up your self-care rituals even if it's busy during the holidays

I totally get that you have lot's to do and that life is pulling you in a million different directions, but if you stick to your favourite wellness rituals and don't miss them, this time of the year will feel less overwhelming and your daunting to-do list will feel less scary and more achievable.

(Btw, I'm teaching yoga online throughout the festive season, so give our online yoga classes a try for 7 days FREE if you need some time for yourself. You start your trial here.)

Tip #3 Rest without guilt

This is a tricky one. How many times have we taken a week off only to be feeling guilty thinking that we haven't done enough to deserve the free time or that there is so much to do still that taking a break does not sit well?

I certainly have and still do. As a business owner work is 24/7, and separating my personal life from my profession is incredibly difficult. However, I'm fully aware that my business relies on me, and if I'm not well my business won't be well either.

So press pause and rest releasing judgment and guilt. Know that while you're resting, you're doing the best thing you can be doing for yourself, your family, your friends, and also, your job.

Tip #4 Move your body to release stagnant energy

With the days shorter and the temperatures colder we tend to spend more time at home, which often leads to the all too familiar feeling of "cabin fever".

To avoid this, move your body regularly not only during this festive period but all winter. Going for walks or practising yoga are good examples of softer alternatives to mainstream exercise that will not only support your body physically but also uplift your mental health and give you more energy.

Tip #5 If it all gets a little too much, spend some time alone

If you feel overstimulated and are in desperate need of a break spending 5 minutes alone doing nothing will be the perfect balm for your nervous system, helping you shift from your "fight and flight" mode to one of calm and relaxation.


I hope these tips help you have a more mindful festive period with less stress and overwhelm.

If you'd like more tips to calm your busy and find inner peace, watch our FREE MASTERCLASS - From lost to inner peace: 5 yoga hacks to live your best life.

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