Our Purpose

Yoga is a lot more than the 'defying gravity' poses you see on social media. Yoga is an ancient practice and a philosophy of life originated in India over 12,000 years ago to develop the human being physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally so we can be the best version of ourselves - healthy, happy, loving and generous.

Om Yoga

As time passed and Yoga started to become mainstream, some of these concepts have been lost and replaced by a mostly physical practice that fosters flexibility and strength. And whilst it's great to be more flexible and strong we are more than our physical bodies, our muscles, ligaments and joints. We are our internal organs, our hormones and glands, emotions and thoughts; we’re all of that and none of that. We’re more than just ‘mass’, we are energy and we are Divine.


It is our mission at Yogaful to teach and share the full, complete Yoga - Yoga Sāmkhya - how it was designed originally, a truly holistic practice comprising 14 main technical disciplines including Ásana (the Yoga poses), Pránáyáma (breath-work), meditation and more in every single class.


By bringing all these powerful techniques together in a class, we work on the human being in its entirety, going beyond just the physical to develop the way we breathe, install meditation habits, influence our endocrine and nervous systems, boost our immunity and share many other exercises that will be long lasting and transformational on all levels - physically, emotionally, chemically, energetically and mentally.


Through the practice of Yoga Sāmkhya, you will reap all the benefits of a regular practice of yoga and tap into what’s beyond the physical planes of existence, exploring our profound connection with the cosmos and expanding our consciousness. 


We challenge you to try Yoga Sāmkhya, the full, complete Yoga so you can unleash your true potential and live your best life - a life that is peaceful, abundant, happy, and full of love.

Yogi sitting with the legs crossed, doing breathwork

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