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Hi there! We're Cat and João, two Portuguese Yogi passionate about teaching Yoga Sámkhya. 

Yoga Sámkhya is one of the most comprehensive methods of human development, combining over 14 technical disciplines in a single class, helping you discover and bring out the best version of yourself. After every class, you'll feel calmer, refreshed and re-energised, thanks to the way the class is arranged and taught. 

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Hello! My name is Cat, short for Catarina, and I am a certified Yoga teacher based in London, UK. I've started practising Yoga in 2014, over seven years ago, after struggling to cope with University exams and anxiety. Yoga truly changed my life by giving me tools and techniques I can use to manage stress and improve my mental wellbeing. 

After my brilliant first-hand experience, I decided I wanted to share this knowledge and empower people to take control of their mental health and improve their wellbeing - so I became a Yoga teacher.

Come join my classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays online.

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Hi there! My name is João and I am a certified Yoga instructor based in the West Midlands. I started my practice over a decade ago, in the middle of an incredibly stressful exam season during my veterinary medicine university training. Yoga touched me in such a profound way that I was hooked from day one.


In Yoga I found a practice that not only explained some of Nature's most profound phenomena with incredible detail – it also showed me a clear path to self-study and self-development. It didn’t take long until I started my yoga teacher training journey, and making a positive impact in the lives of all that seek me has become a life goal for the past 7 years.

Join me on Tuesdays and Saturdays online.

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Yogi sitting with the legs crossed, doing breathwork

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Instructors' Qualifications

All our Yoga instructors have undergone extensive training on the full, traditional Yoga from India, directly by the International Yoga Grand Master, H.H. Sat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája.

The Special Advanced Superior Training Course (SCAY) taught by the Portuguese Yoga Confederation is one of the most Complete and Extensive trainings in the World, having prepared hundreds of students to be ‘Experts in Human Beings’.

The training consists of:

6 years  

= 6.500 hours of training, to graduate as Yoga Teacher – equivalent to a Graduation/Undergraduate Degree.


then 4 more years

= a total of 10, to graduate as Professor of Yoga – equivalent to a Masters Degree


and 4 more years

= a total of 14 years to graduate as Yoga Master Guru– equivalent to a PhD.

So you can enjoy your Yoga class knowing you are in safe hands.

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