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FREE Meditation Guide

Including accessible tips and techniques you can use to build a sustainable meditation practice routine on your own.

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Guided Relaxation

Tune into this 10-minute guided relaxation and give yourself permission to rest

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Hi, I'm Cat!

Hello! My name is Cat, short for Catarina, and I am a certified Yoga teacher based in London, UK. I've started practising Yoga in 2014, over seven years ago, after struggling to cope with University exams and anxiety. Yoga truly changed my life by giving me tools and techniques I can use to manage stress and improve my mental wellbeing. 

After my brilliant first-hand experience, I decided I wanted to share this knowledge and empower people to take control of their mental health and improve their wellbeing - so I became a Yoga teacher.

Come join my classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays online.

See you there!

Yogi sitting with the legs crossed, doing breathwork

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