Private yoga classes

Enlight Yoga Mentoring program 

Enlight is a 6-month 121 mentoring program rooted in the ancient wisdom and methodologies of authentic Yoga and Meditation.

tHrive pErsonally and professionally without compromising your
well-being and mental health

Authentic Yoga is a comprehensive method of human development.

It's an ancient practice and way of life that aims to ease suffering and bring out the best within you - body and mind. 

A regular Yoga practice is transformational

To bring about these changes, Yoga combines 14 disciplines that we apply in practice - a wonderful mixture of techniques ranging from conscious breathing exercises, physical postures, meditation, and many more to elevate your body and mind for a better life - with less stress, more purpose, joy, and love.

So if you have a demanding job and a hectic life running miles an hour, this is the place for your to find rest, balance, and peace.

 The Enlight Mentoring Program  includes 

Initial 1-to-1 consultation to define objectives

6 x private Yoga class to introduce you to Yoga Sāmkhya

Access to 2 live group classes weekly

Access to online library of pre-recorded classes, morning practices, guided meditations and relaxations

4 mentoring sessions throughout the program to assess progress and review

Access to in-person group classes monthly in London

Meditation guide with recommendations and techniques to implement a daily meditation practice at home self-sufficiently

Additional private Yoga classes available for booking

Additional 1-to-1 mentoring sessions available for bookings

Final evaluation to assess progress and define next steps

Total Value

Could Enlight be for you?

...You thrive under pressure and enjoy your hectic lifestyle and career, but feel like if you continue at this pace, you'll compromise your mental health and burn out.

...You're looking for a practice that strengthens you physically, and mentally, and supports your wellbeing holistically.

...You're in need of rest and are keen to shut down"the noise" around you to find clarity of thought and peace of mind. 

...You're keen to understand yourself better and live with more meaning and purpose.

...You're looking for an open and kind approach that holds space for your growth without judgment.

The Journey

Mentoring Approach

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Driven by the belief that an ambitious, career-driven person can have a balanced personal life and thriving mental health

I am an entrepreneur myself and a freelance business consultant on the side. I am well acquainted with pressure and conflicting priorities in life. My Yoga practice is a daily source of strength and is crucial to my ability to show up day after day, continuing to pursue and deliver on my goals.

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Individual approach that meets you exactly where you are

This mentoring program is only available to 3 people at a time. This is so I can spend time getting to know you and be able to provide you with a truly personal experience. There is no size fits all in Yoga, even in group classes we're all on our individual paths, so we'll start exactly where you are. No previous experience required.

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Holistic approach through authentic Yoga that works on all your dimensions as a human being

This mentoring program is rooted in Yoga Sāmkhya and classical Yoga, a powerful and transformative ancient practice created to help you achieve Self-realisation. This means that you will work physically, on your body, but more importantly, you'll be working and noticing changes chemically, emotionally, energetically, and mentally. 

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A kind, warm and personal approach with no taboos or judgment.

I am offering this mentoring program from my passion to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and help you connect with your authentic Self that is happy, healthy, and realised. I aim to provide a safe place for you to rest, relieve some of the weight you're carrying on your shoulders, and do the inner work necessary to find balance and live your best life. 

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About me

Hello! My name is Cat, short for Catarina, and I am a certified Yoga teacher based in London, UK. I started practising Yoga in 2014, over 8 years ago. 


At the time, I was struggling with severe anxiety and was looking for an outlet that would help me keep fit but above all, relieve stress and alleviate some of the weight constantly on my shoulders. 


Yoga truly changed my life by giving me tools and techniques I still use today to manage stress and improve my mental wellbeing.


I can confidently say that thanks to Yoga, I am able to live my best life - I have a fulfilling job that gives me purpose, a thriving personal and social life, and time to recharge and dedicate to my favourite things. 

After my brilliant first-hand experience, I decided I wanted to share this knowledge and empower people to take control of their mental health and improve their wellbeing - so I became a Yoga teacher.

As a business-minded entrepreneur myself, I connect with aspiring leaders and ambitious professionals to support them back to optimal health - physically, emotionally, and mentally - through authentic Yoga. 

My purpose in this mentoring program is to guide you on your path to improved, sustainable well-being. I will encourage you to turn your attention within and explore your inner world, where true happiness, balance, and realization can be found.

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Client Wins

"Cat is a wonderful yoga teacher, running classes that approach yoga in a holistic way, from complete breathing, through to asanas topped off with meditation. Cat's calm, friendly and comprehensive style of teaching is great for beginners and long-time yogis alike. You'll leave her classes feeling stretched, re-energised and mindful. Thoroughly recommend!"


Realise your full potential, personally and professionally, without compromising your well-being.

It's possible.