14-day Meditation

18th to 30th April | 8 am GMT | Instagram Live @yogaful.studio

& Unlock
20% off our Yoga Full Plan

Is your mental health a priority?

Meditation is one of the single most effective practices to improve your mental health, in a way that lasts. 
The regular practice of Meditation...
...reduces stress & anxiety

...reduces inflammation in the brain, often a cause of depression 

...repairs connections in the brain, improving focus, problem-solving & creativity

...provides clarity of thought & expands our consciousness 

Join us for 14 days straight of live, 10-min Meditation sessions & unlock 20% off our all-inclusive plan Yoga Full.

Prioritise and look after your mental health & join our 14-day Meditation Challenge. 

How will it work?

Launching on the 18th of April at 8 am GMT, we'll be hosting 10-min daily meditation sessions on our Instagram page @yogaful.studio

Sign-up and give us a follow. 

If you join for all 14 days, you will be automatically sent a coupon for 20% off our most expensive and comprehensive membership plan - Yoga Full

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